Sunday, June 16, 2013

A night at Alexis, The Garden

Oh my!, setelah sekian lama baru aku terperasan gambar yg aku dah edit utk di post tapi terlupa plak. Dah agak lama lah gambar nie tapi still nak share jugak sebab tempat nie menarik. Ade 2 post yg terlepas pandang tp tak pelah, aku post yg ini dulu, yang lagi satu tue aku post kemudian ye. It was months ago kot, it was at Alexis, The Garden

Time nie, aku dinner with my course mate time Diploma tue, plus we are in the same industry cuma lain company je, hehehe. Rasanye nie 2nd time kot makan dengan dia kat sini, so aku dah quite familiar with the food selection, cheewaahh, heheeh. Biasa lah bila dah lama x jumpa, ape lagi, gossip2 lah pasal geng2 University dulu, pasal personal and keje lah skit2, heheh.

Ok, about this place plak, the ambience was very relax, cozy and calm. I like it here cuma kalo nak pg every week tue mcm kering jugak poket nanti kan, hehehe. The food was good, I love it and the service was good as well. My friend nie kalo datang sini memang tak sah kalo tak order 2 benda which were Tapas & Pavlova, sampai aku dah hafal dah favorite dia, but memang sedap tul!, like seriosuly, hehehe. 

On top of that, my friend yang belanja, dah la sedap & free. Life is good & thanks to dear friend ( I hope your reading this, hehehe). So guys, you can visit this  restaurant and try all the recomended foods here, I think you are gonna like it, hehehe. So, thanks for keep reading my post and until I write again. Muahh

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shoe no 18...Browny

Early this month, me & my friend went to shop together after Friday's prayer. I have no intention to buy anything but somehow we influenced by the offer made by one shoe outlet at KLCC and we cant resist the offer!, damn its tempting!, hehehe

So, after long deliberation ( long sangat lah) and fitting, we finally decided to buy it. For all you know, this outlet was recently opened at KLCC, so I think they are running on promotion to entice buyer to get know better of the brand, I guess. We bought 2 shoes for 1 price ( buy 1 get 1 free la basically), so we share half of the price lah, the shoe cost us about  RM740, so we paid each RM370 lah.  Honestly, I'm not that familiar with that brand before but since its Italian leather and I like brown, so I just took it, heheh. Its my very 1st collection from SACOOR Brothers.

However, the shoe is super comfy and I like so much!!, it worth every cent of my money, hehehe.But, I dont have picture of my friend's shoe here, or else I may show it to you. So, welcome to the family and I will take a good care of you, hehehe. Thanks for reading my post and until I write again. muahhh

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinner di Rasa Thai, Curve

Biasalah malam minggu, kalo tak melepak & makan dengan kawan2 memang tak sah lah kan, unless utk yang berfamily tue mungkin lah duduk kat umah tgk tv aje kot, heheh. So, few weeks ago, tak ingat exact date, dinner with my friend kat Curve, biasa lah gossip2 skit, heheh. Somehow, we landed at Rasa Thai, Curve

Time makan kat sini best sebab dia dekat ngan live band kat street The Curve, so mmg enjoy lah dinner time tue, biasa lah feeling2 kat Hard Rock cafe ke ape dah ,heheh. Kalo dalam restaurant pun best jugak tapi luar lagi best, fresh air..

Nampak sedikit luxury lah kot dalam restaurant nie tapi harga kat sini sangat reasonable price, plus food pn not bad. The waiters pun baik, cepat je bila panggil and speak mild Thai language. heheh

Actually, aku pn tak ingat sangat name food yg aku order, rasanye Daging Masak Kicap and Seafood Fried Rice kot, tapi drink tue Coconut Milk Shake rasanye, hehehe. Overall the food was good and acceptable. 

So, you may visit and try it for yourself ye, enjoy your weekend and selamat mengundi, hehehe. Until i write again. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sejenak di Restoren Mariners Cafe, Johor Bahru

Rasa macam dah lama sangat tak melawat town JB, sekarang town JB dah banyak berubah, banyak restoren yg best and sangat menarik konsep nye. It reminds me Arab street in Singapore, pretty much similar concept and ambience I would say, heheh. So, this time we dropped by at very nice restaurant which called Mariners Cafe.

Last time time aku nak singgah tempat nie tutup, tapi nasib baik time datang JB lagi this time restoren nie buka plak, heheh, yess. Kalo korang tengok tempat nie dari luar, nampak mcm ala2 kat beach kot, kata nye mariners cafe, of course untuk orang laut kot ye, hehehe. Tapi, bila masuk ye, you will be impressed how they done with this place, I like it!. Here some pictures inside the restaurant.

Very nice right, very relax and hommy, suit for family's dinner or weekend outing. Plus, its also perfect for blogger or someone to write their blog or write up here. Very cozy man,with dim light, I can guarantee that.

Tempat nie ade 2nd floor, yang kat atas tue untuk yang smooker sbb it got open air area, so for smokers out there, don't worry because they understand you, heheh, (*but smoking kills yo). 

But, most importantly the food was great!!, sedap food yg aku order sedap & taste sangat unik since they play with herbs!, very rare in Malays' food, hehehe. Aku tak sure name food yg aku order  tapi my trick is always choose foods with chef recommendation, or else you wont be much satisfied. hehehe

So, I would like to recommend my readers to go an try at this restaurant as I believe the food will not let you down, I hope so lah kan, hehehe. So, anyway thanks for keep reading my blog and I appreciate your continous support. Thanks yoll

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shoes of the Month..No 16 & 17

This month aku turun JB, so alang2 dah smpi sana harus lah ke JPO kan?, memang tak sah la kalo pergi  tak singgah sebab aku memang suka beli kasut kat sana, murah kot kalo compare kat KL. So, this month aku terbeli 2 plak, heheh, alang2 membeli kan. Tapi seperti biasa lah, my favorite brand , PEDRO

 Actually, aku agak stress skit lah time nak beli kasut nie sebab semua design yang aku nak dah x de size, nie pilihan yang ke 5 & ke 6 je , tapi bila dah beli dan pakai somehow I like it, hehehe. Both are black & grey, yang black tue boleh guna untuk keje or casual jugak kot, so berbaloi sangat lah beli, heheh. So, until I write again, adios

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shoes of the Month..No 15

Last week, I went for crazy shopping, its like my weekend shopping spree!!hehehe, I spent almost rm2.5K kot buying stuffs like shirts, pants, shoes, perfume, belt, sock, some cosmetic thingy, maybe to some peeps, its like nothing but for me its crazy lah, heheh. It was crazy!!, for me la since I wish to revamp my closet this year,heheheh. Tapi aku shopping kat area Kelana Jaya & PJ je, heheh. So, nak tunjuk my 15th shoess, heheh

Plus other stuffs that I bought as well, tapi aku tak lah shopping kedai yang branded sangat pun, average shop yang semua org pergi je, heheh. Now sebab dah penuh rak baju kena tambah rak plak, heheh

So, sekali sekali tak pe kot shopping mcm nie, tapi make sure kena wat simpanan jugak ye, kena beringat utk masa depan. heheh

Ok lah, enjoy your life and live life happily. Until i write again, adios

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shoes of The Month..

During last weekend, on my hang out time with my best friends, biasalah makan2 , movie semua. Tetiba ade sales la plak kat are The Curve tue, plus its a shoe!!, its even harder to resist, hahhah. Lepas tue my friends plak cucuk2 suruh beli kan!, ahahah, so finally terbeli jugak walaupn I promise to myself no more shoe for this month!, bukan ape awal bulan baru je beli sepasang, now tak sampai 1 month dah beli lagi, huhuhu. So, this is my new collection, my 1st Suede..heheh

 So,now I dah ade 14 and another 16 to go this year, hehehe. Rasa tak sabar nak pakai walaupun tak sure nak pakai pg maner lagi, hehehe. So, until I write again, adios

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday, while I was watching TV on my couch and having good time, I got heavy knock on my door!!, its a bit scary should someone angry with me or something  heheheh. But, when I just opened my door, taaaddaaaaaaaa!!, I got these!!

I got Oven & Iron!!, hahaha. Mula2 aku ingat kan orang nie salah rumah ke ape tapi bila ingat balik, yes it is for me!!, heheheh. It was my redeemed points for Maybank credit card after all these years!!, heheh

So, after this I can do all the baking, toasting and anything related lah kan, heheh. So far my house just ade microwave je, so kalo nak wat benda yg guna oven mmg tak boleh lah, later I can cook those mac & cheese, roasted chicken and anything lah, yeaayyy. So, just wait for my cooking yea, I'll show some pictures later once I cook it lah ye, heheh. Until now, have a great day dear readers. Muahh

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Obsession..Shoes!

Just to share with my readers on my obsession, hehhehe. I like shoes, but this year one of my resolution is to collect shoes!, heheh. Tapi aku beli kasut yang aku mampu ajelah, tapi yang paling penting aku hanya akan beli time sales yang up to 50%, hehehe. So, during sales this quite branded shoes can reduce price up to rm200!, so its very worth it. Actually kasut yang aku beli tak la super branded tapi brand yg selesa and harga yg berpatutan je contoh macam ZARA Men, Pedro, Clarks, Jaspal etc. Tapi this year aku target nak beli 1 designer shoe lah, heheh

So, since my collection is increasing  so I bought this new shoes rack to make it more organized. Its not that expensive and I found it over internet, heheh. So, this year target I would collect 30 shoes!, now dah ade almost 13 je, so its still empty rack I must say, heheh

So, at least nampak kemas kan?, hehehe. Aku dah set my daily collection shoes to wear tapi tak lah follow sangat tapi aku suka tukar kasut setiap hari, heheh.

Last month, I bought 3 shoes at once sebab crazy sales by ZARA!!, I cant help it, so this month just beli 1 je sbb nak simpan duit for something else, heheh.  So, if I buy new shoes later, sure I will share with you ok. Until I write again, happy reading..

Monday, March 11, 2013

Singgah di Restaurant Bandar DJakarta, Indonesia

Pertama kali kitaorg dengar bus driver bgtau nak makan kat di Jakarta, kitaorg tak setuju sebab "machet" nak pg town Jakarta and lepas tue nak travel ke Bandung, tapi rupa2 nye nama restaurant tue ialah Bandar DJakarta, di Marina Ancol, Jakarta. It was a seafood based restaurant and the food was great!, heheh

Kalo tengok macam restaurant cina yg besar if nak compare dengan KL lah tapi tak lah sangat cina sebenarnya, kira macam unviversal jugak lah, heheh. I think you guys will like this place since its pretty near to the sea, so you could feel the sea breeze, heheh and probably nice place to hang out during weekends or midnight, off course untuk warga Jakarta la kot, heheh. So, here are some pictures of the restaurant, see it for yourself.

The restaurant is quite big and got few corner or concept I guess, so don't worry of no seat yea, hehe

Now, we go to the most important part or highlight of the day, F.O.O.D.S!!, heheh. Since, its my 1st time in Jakarta city, so everything was fine for me, I don't mind to try anything, as long its halal food off course!, heheh. But guys I'm sorry because I don't really know the name of food or drink cos I did not pay attention while the rest made their ordered cause they  know better, we just followers, hehehe

All i know is the famous Teh Botol or Jasmin Tea which I hate, hahaha, so that's why I've ordered the Coconut instead, heheh. Tapi yg Special Udang Goreng Crispy tue memang sedap tau, dia ade kasi sauce sekali. Yang ade daun pisang tue actually is Otak-otak, kalo kat Malaysia, our otak-otak is rather reddish rite, but there was whiteish  but got a bit similar taste but not equal, heheh.  Then, it was appetizer.

Then, came the main course, heheh

Seriously, memang aku tak ingat ape name foods yang kitaorg order tapi sebab ade team mate yg orderkan, so kitaorg makan ajelah, hehe, tapi basically its all seafood lah kan. Kat sana sotong dipanggil Cumi yea, heheh

Concept restaurant nie macam seafood kat Malaysia lah, boleh pilih pelbagai jenis hasil laut untuk dimasak ikut citarasa customers  so kitaorg just pilih menu yang staff dia recommend and paling cepat, tapi still lambat jugak maybe sebab ramai kot, so redha la menunggu je, nasib baik sedap so ok lah, heheh

Aku nak recommend beriya pun sebab tempat nie kat Jakarta kan, tapi kalo ade antara korang yang ade kesempatan dapat pergi, maybe korang boleh try makan  kat tempat nie ye, heheh. So, overall ini lah penutup story aku melawat Indonesia, so far memang pengalaman yg manis lah sebab tak kuar cost kan, hehehe. Actually  its a nice country to visit because we don't have to worry so much about food selection since its halal everywhere ( kena tengok2 jugak ye, hehe), and  delicious foods I tell you. I think its all for now readers, until I visit some other countries then I will share all the best thing about it ok, until I write again, adios amigos.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bandung, Indonesia..Part 2

So, as promised I will share my experience to one of famous city for shoppers in Indonesia  that is no other than Bandung, Paris van Java bak kata org kan, heheh. Tapi kitaorg pergi Bandung naik bas dari Jakarta, so normal travel time is 3 hours tapi time kitaorg nie gerak dah dlm kul 3 lebih, so memang "machet total"!!, dekat 6 jam lebih dalam bas!!, aiyooohh, hhehehe. So far, pengalaman aku dari Jakarta ke Bandung, walaupun dah 2x tido & bangun  tapi tetap tak sampai lagi, hahaha.  Nak tunjuk gambar machet kat Kota Jakarta ye, maybe sebab sana x de LRT mcm kita, so semua org kena drive nak pergi maner2 kot.

Along the highway kita boleh nampak lah rumah2 org kat Jakarta nie, maybe sebab penduduk sangat ramai kot, plus ngan taraf hidup yg tinggi, so kesian jugak lah aku tengok tapi bersyukur lah kita hidup kat Malaysia nie, muhasabah diri jap.So, sempat lah singah 1 R&R kat highway dari Jakarta ke Bandung, so dapat aku aku merasa few local food and drink yg sedap kat Indonesia nie.

After 6 hours plus, sampai la kitaorg ke Bandung, aku pun jadi jakun sebab 1st time sampai kat sini, kata org tempat nie sejuk sebab atas bukit skit & feeling mcm kat Cameron Highlands skit, boleh tahan lah sejuk nya tapi x perlu pakai baju sejuk sgt kot, heheh. So, kitaorg bermalam di hotel kat tengah town jugak lah, Hotel Hilton Bandung. Hotel nie memang sangat selesa lah kan, plus paling penting ade wifi!!, aku perlukan internet sebab lupa nak activatekan  roaming Iphone and kat Pulau tue mmg x de internet lansung!!, smpai je terteru2 masuk whatapps and sibuk update FB & Instagram, hehehe. Hampir semua orang duk kat lobby hotel beramai2 sambil semua tengok hp, oh GenY cant survive without internet kan?, heheh. Some view from my hotel.

Seperti biasalah, ade kerja2 yg perlu dibuat and visit bagai, tapi lepas tue baru lah ade sikit masa nak explore Bandung tapi masa aku tak banyak sebab the next day aku dah kena balik KL and aku cuma ade few hours je nak jalan2 & shopping. The thing is I dont know where to go and what to buy kat sana, aku tanya my friend kalo nak shopping yg best kat Jalan Riau & Jalan Dago, so aku gigih lah naik Silver Bird cab pergi sana. Aku sebenarnya tak berani nak naik penangkutan kota or mcm van tue sbb tak tau nnti pergi maner, so walupun mahal so x pelah naik cab je, heheh. So enjoy lah gambar tak seberapa guna my Iphone je sebab bateri kamera dah out, heheheh

Some factory outlets kat Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago, jalan2 tapi tak tau nak shopping ape, hahah

Kedai kek yg glamor, Kartika Sari, sempat nak beli brownies yg sedap tue, hehehe

Actually, aku memag tak tau nak beli ape sebab ingat nak cari souvenir utk budak2 office tapi tak jumpa kedai yg jual, semua baju2 je banyak, so beli lah kat org tepi jalan je, tapi rasanye mcm dia pau jugak lah, mahal dia jual tapi sebab nak jugak , so beli jugak lah kan, heheh. So lepas pusing2 kat area town tue, aku kena kejar flight pukul 6.30pm, so kena pergi airport nak check-in dlm kul 4.00pm lah, aku dah serik lewat so this time aku memag nak sampai awal, heheh. Tapi dalam cab tue, aku tgk ade orang main biola lah, gitar kat tengah jalan nak cari duit kan, rasa kesian tp aku takut nak buka tingkap nnti ramai plak yg serbu, so aku tengok diam2 ajelah, huhu.

So, its time to pack my belonging and go back to KL, I miss KL plak rasanya, hehehe. So, dari Hilton ke airport tak jauh sgt , dalam 20 min je, so sebab tue aku confident skit nak pusing2 town lama skit, heheh. Aku sebenarnya agak terperanjat bila sampai airport Bandara Husein Sastranegara Bandung sebab tak seperti airport yg aku sangka, so tak pelah asal aku dapat balik KL kan, hehe. While waiting, sempat jugak aku try the local food mcm dodol (yang mcm kon), Pulut ayam (yang segi tue) & kuih sayur, so food kat sana sedap gak sebenarnya. Aku sempat jugak try Lontong Daging Ayam, dia bungkus daalm daun pisang bentuk panjang, but amazingly rasa nye macam nasi lemak je, sangat sedap!!, hehe. 

So, overall experience aku 4 hari kat Indonesia mmg tak dpat dilupakan, plus the food pun sedap and agak unik la utk orang Malaysia kan. Walaupun aku tak dpt nak explore Jakarta betul2, tapi someday aku akan datang lagi & that time will be on vacation, so free skit nak pergi maner2 pun, heheh. Aku rasa sampai kat sini saje je coretan pengalaman ke negara seberang. Nanti aku akan share 1 very nice restaurant yg kitaorg singgah kat Jakarta, so nantikan ye. Until i write again people, adios..

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pulau Seribu, Indonesia..Part 1

Tahun nie aku bersyukur sebab dapat rezeki berkerja sambil makin angin sikit ke Indonesia!!, alhamdulillah, ini kiranya 1st time aku jejakkan kaki ke negara jiran kita nie sebab kalo pergi sendiri memang tak tau lah bila kan. So, when the opportunity comes, just grab it and enjoy!! walaupun quite tiring.

Tapi nak cerita jugak my experience yang almost lepas flight sebab terlewat bangun. My flight pukul 9.10 am, so tentative time nak check-in at least by 7 am lah kan, but you guys know what?? , I woke up that morning at 6.55am!!!, time tue aku dah istighar je sebab memang rasa tak sempat, habis lah mesti my bos akan bising or I still kena pergi tapi own expenses!, stress sampai mandi pn tak bersih, hahah. Tapi, nasib baik jugak lah aku stay kat umah my friend kat area KL, so senang skit nak pg KL Sentral sebab nak naik ERL ke KLIA.  

After bangun tue, my friend cuba la nak wat web check in tapi tak boleh plak , so dengan harapan try check-in kat KL Sentral. Tapi dalam train nak ke KL Sentral, aku try la web check-in guna my Iphone, alhamdulillah boleh check-in. So, rasa separuh lega tapi selagi tak smpi KLIA hati tetap tak tenteram. Alhamdulillah, dalam kul 8.30am aku dah smpi KLIA, pas tue cepat2 drop bag & berlari ke departure gate. That time I could see all my friends waited to enter the plane, fuhhhh, lega.So, Jakarta, Im coming babehhh

Since, baru pertama kali pergi sana kan, so kalo tengak ETA kul 10.10am, tapi tak kan 1 jam je dari KL, sebenarnya 2 jam tapi sebab Jakarta lewat 1 jam dari KL, hehehhe. Plane kitaorg agak cramp lah yelah sebab economy kan?, kalo dapat naik business class x pelah, heheh. So, sempat ambil gambar dalam flight untuk kenangan.

After 2 hours flight, then finally Im here, Jakarta, Indonesia!!, excited to explore the city katanya, heheheh. So, dalam kul 11.00 am kitaorg travel kuar dari airport nak ke Mariana Ancol. Actually my trip nie aku kena pergi Pulau Putri, di Kepulauan Pulau Seribu. Tapi honestly dari aiport nak ke Marina Ancol tue sangat "machet" je, jammed yg dashyat kat Kota Jakarta nie. Tapi aku mcm terkejut budaya sikit lah sebab environment and culture negara dorang agak berbeda ngan kita. Yang paling terkejut sebab aku tengok orang jual barang kat tengah2 jalan time traffic jam!!,  kau rasa mcm bahaya n gila, but its normal to them here.

Perjalanan nak ke Pulau Seribu tue dalam 1 jam 40 min, naik speed boat macam yg dalam gambar kat atas tue tp yg kecik skit lah. SubhanaAllah, rasa nak muntah je duduk dalam boat tue sebab melantun2 kitaorg bila dia rempuh ombak kat laut tue, tapi pening2 lalat sikit lah, heheh.

After dekat 2 jam menempuh badai ombak, heheh, akhirnya sampai lah kami ke Pulau Putri tue. Cantik air laut kat sana and macam indah je panorama permandangan kat sana, hehehe. Simbolik Pulau Putri nie ade 4 ikan duyoung, aku pun tak paham sejarahnye, heheh. Time sampai tue kitaorg di sambut oleh tarian macam Bali je, heheh. So, let enjoy some pictures ye

View dari kat jetty..

Nie nak tunjuk gambar my room and some view kat dari depan bilik, hehehe

Actually banyak lagi gambar activities yg kitaorg wat selama 3 hari kat sini, yelah kata pergi pasal kerja kan, so harus ade classromm, island visit etc tapi x payah letak dalam my blog la kan, heheh. So just to share some fun activities of mine ajelah, hehehe

On the 2nd day, before kitaorg nak balik ke Jakarta for another places plak, sempat lah kitaorg naik boat pergi tengok sunset. It was a truly wonderful experience to see God magnificent creation. Feeling nie sangat tenang and tenteram plus naik yacht feeling2 Miami Vice dah, nasib tak x de koktel je, hehehe. So, let pictures do the talking.

Then, the next day kitaorg balik ke Jakarta untuk sambung trip kitaorg ke other part of famous place in Indonesia. So, if nak tau kena tunggu my next post ye, tungguuuu...adios

Friday, March 8, 2013

A day at Cafe Vienna, KLCC

Who on earth never imagine to visit Vienna someday?, I wish to visit such a beautiful place one day, one fine day, hehehe. So, for the time being, all I can do is to eat at such beautiful place called Cafe Vienna kat KLCC jugak, hehehe. Mesti you guys dah boring tengok my post yang banyak pasal food, restaurant and any thing related la kan, its ok after thisIi switch to different topic plak, heheheh. For now, I would share about my dine in experience ye, heheh

Time nie sebab my insurance agent ajak jumpa sebab nak discuss pasal my insurance lah kan, ape lagi, hehehe. Mula nak lepak kat Coffee Beans or Starbucks tapi penuh plak, so that how we ended up to dine at such beautiful place. heheheh. Im not sure about the design and decoration, I guess it must be originated from Vienna since it looked very unique and cultural, heheh. But overall, the place is very nice and I like the European style.

Kalo tengak the konsep memang very European la kan, kata Vienna Caffe, tak kan macam Malaysia plak kan, heheh. Tapi tempat nie memang tenang & relax lah dengan lagu2 slow music,bau food yg sedap, heheh, so memang berangan ajelah kan, hehehe. Time I datang nie time lunch, so more people are coming to have lunch off course. 

Since,the food was paid my my agent kan, so ok lah if nak amik lebih2 skit, hehehe tapi I just ordered the normal recommended by chef and the price is quite expensive lah jugak, kalo orang Europe mungkin murah la if nak compare Euro with Ringgit kan, hehehe. Actually, I dont quite remember food that I've ordered but it was Smoke Salmon Sandwish with some salad if Im not maistaken. So, let photo do the talking la yea.

So, hope you guys enjoy my entry this time and I shall put next entry about something else, heheh, dont worry yea. Until then, live young, healthy and fabulous. Wait for my next entry yea, muahhh 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dinner di Harrods, KLCC

Last week due to stress & workloads, I decided to spend my money on doing something good and satisfactory to myself but somehow dont know what to do. Kalo ikut kan hati rasa nak fly pergi London right away & have dinner or coffee somewhere London' street,heheheh tapi I wish ajelah kan. So, I ternampak one restaurant kat KLCC yg ade ambience macam kat London lah kot, so I decided to land at Harrods Cafe kat KLCC jer,hehehe. At least boleh feeling2 ajelah kan, hehehe

It was 9.20pm ad its almost closed, but its ok lah since I wanted to feel it so much kan, hehehe. Actually, the restaurant sama je dengan tempat lain pun, its just the food and ambiance that makes you feel that we are being there kot, heheh, or its just me yang berangan,hehehe. You can find Harrods' boutique at level 1 but this newly opened cafe located at level G, same floor as Ralph Lauren Boutique.

Actually,ingat nak lepak kat luar lagi best tapi sebab malam tue I rasa panas so sebab tue duduk kat dalam nak aircond, tapi kat London mesti nak duduk luar sebab sejuk kot, hehehe. Sebab malam tue tak lah rasa lapar sangat tapi cuma nak lepak2 je, so I makan light food tapi bila order sampai tak lah nampak light sangat plak, hehehe

I had ordered Green Chicken Sandwish and Watermelon Juice, tapi bila sampai banyak pulak portion nye sampai tak habis, hehehe. Food was nice with affordable price I must say tapi kalo hari2 tak lah kan, hehehe. The waiters were friendly and helpful, so far I felt satisfied with the service and food, heheh.So, for those who wish to try this place, you would probably love the food and service, it pays off your dollar spent, heheh.

So, i wish you great week ahead and a pleasant day people. Remember to eat healthy, live healthy ya, until i write again. Adios

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lunch di Ben's KLCC

Hai All, I'm back in the blogging world since I got my new lappy yesterday!!, so from now on please bare with me because I will pile up my entry for you to read!!, heheheh. Since its has been a while that I dont write, so probably my writing skills is blunt a bit but I'll do my best to share my story yea.

Ok, as usual I would start my entry with places I went for eat la off course, but it was a stale story la kot but its ok, I still nak share jugak, heheheh. Since I've started my new job kat Tallest Tower kat KL nie, off course lah my playground for dine in is gonna be that surrounding area la kan, hehehe, So, at 1 time tue teringin la nak makan kat Ben's, KLCC with my officemate of course tp bos belanja, hehehe. So , the best way to show thing is by photo.

So, this place off course la nice since the price of food pun is rather nice!!, heheheh. Like always, I love cozy and peace ambience and the food pun nice, I tell u. hehehe. I rasa Ben's nie ade few branches around KL tp yg I know ade kat KLCC and Pavillion lah, tempat lain you guys kena search sendiri lah ye, hehhe.

Some food photos for you readers, tp ade lagi food lain yg my friend order tp I just share what I eat ajelah ye, hehehe

Sebab it was taken long time ago, I tak ingat sangat the name of the food tp rasanya Char Spilled Seafood Spagettini. And yg sebelah tue off course la Pavlova kan?..hehehe. I dont really remember the price as well since it was paid my my bos!!, hehehe

So,sampai di sini ajelah dulu my story ye, but I will share more stories from time to time, so dont worry cos I got a lot things to share with you, my readers. Somehow I felt happy since I got daily visitor eventhoughI did not update this blog for quite a long time, heheh. Ok guys, have a great week!!!