Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Obsession..Shoes!

Just to share with my readers on my obsession, hehhehe. I like shoes, but this year one of my resolution is to collect shoes!, heheh. Tapi aku beli kasut yang aku mampu ajelah, tapi yang paling penting aku hanya akan beli time sales yang up to 50%, hehehe. So, during sales this quite branded shoes can reduce price up to rm200!, so its very worth it. Actually kasut yang aku beli tak la super branded tapi brand yg selesa and harga yg berpatutan je contoh macam ZARA Men, Pedro, Clarks, Jaspal etc. Tapi this year aku target nak beli 1 designer shoe lah, heheh

So, since my collection is increasing  so I bought this new shoes rack to make it more organized. Its not that expensive and I found it over internet, heheh. So, this year target I would collect 30 shoes!, now dah ade almost 13 je, so its still empty rack I must say, heheh

So, at least nampak kemas kan?, hehehe. Aku dah set my daily collection shoes to wear tapi tak lah follow sangat tapi aku suka tukar kasut setiap hari, heheh.

Last month, I bought 3 shoes at once sebab crazy sales by ZARA!!, I cant help it, so this month just beli 1 je sbb nak simpan duit for something else, heheh.  So, if I buy new shoes later, sure I will share with you ok. Until I write again, happy reading..


Zamri said...

Good obsession. I got many shoes too... almost 100. But many has been given away. U should get designer shoes, they're really worth it. :)

Fred Isman said...

yes i will, Thank you.. how i wish i could have that too. i will collect them eventually, slowly, hehehe