Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday, while I was watching TV on my couch and having good time, I got heavy knock on my door!!, its a bit scary should someone angry with me or something  heheheh. But, when I just opened my door, taaaddaaaaaaaa!!, I got these!!

I got Oven & Iron!!, hahaha. Mula2 aku ingat kan orang nie salah rumah ke ape tapi bila ingat balik, yes it is for me!!, heheheh. It was my redeemed points for Maybank credit card after all these years!!, heheh

So, after this I can do all the baking, toasting and anything related lah kan, heheh. So far my house just ade microwave je, so kalo nak wat benda yg guna oven mmg tak boleh lah, later I can cook those mac & cheese, roasted chicken and anything lah, yeaayyy. So, just wait for my cooking yea, I'll show some pictures later once I cook it lah ye, heheh. Until now, have a great day dear readers. Muahh


bukankosong said...

tu dia

lepas nih bleh pegi umah ang

merasa makanan enak

Fred Isman said...

hahah, boleh je tp x lah sedap maner pn..ehheeh