Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shoes of The Month..

During last weekend, on my hang out time with my best friends, biasalah makan2 , movie semua. Tetiba ade sales la plak kat are The Curve tue, plus its a shoe!!, its even harder to resist, hahhah. Lepas tue my friends plak cucuk2 suruh beli kan!, ahahah, so finally terbeli jugak walaupn I promise to myself no more shoe for this month!, bukan ape awal bulan baru je beli sepasang, now tak sampai 1 month dah beli lagi, huhuhu. So, this is my new collection, my 1st Suede..heheh

 So,now I dah ade 14 and another 16 to go this year, hehehe. Rasa tak sabar nak pakai walaupun tak sure nak pakai pg maner lagi, hehehe. So, until I write again, adios

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