Sunday, June 16, 2013

A night at Alexis, The Garden

Oh my!, setelah sekian lama baru aku terperasan gambar yg aku dah edit utk di post tapi terlupa plak. Dah agak lama lah gambar nie tapi still nak share jugak sebab tempat nie menarik. Ade 2 post yg terlepas pandang tp tak pelah, aku post yg ini dulu, yang lagi satu tue aku post kemudian ye. It was months ago kot, it was at Alexis, The Garden

Time nie, aku dinner with my course mate time Diploma tue, plus we are in the same industry cuma lain company je, hehehe. Rasanye nie 2nd time kot makan dengan dia kat sini, so aku dah quite familiar with the food selection, cheewaahh, heheeh. Biasa lah bila dah lama x jumpa, ape lagi, gossip2 lah pasal geng2 University dulu, pasal personal and keje lah skit2, heheh.

Ok, about this place plak, the ambience was very relax, cozy and calm. I like it here cuma kalo nak pg every week tue mcm kering jugak poket nanti kan, hehehe. The food was good, I love it and the service was good as well. My friend nie kalo datang sini memang tak sah kalo tak order 2 benda which were Tapas & Pavlova, sampai aku dah hafal dah favorite dia, but memang sedap tul!, like seriosuly, hehehe. 

On top of that, my friend yang belanja, dah la sedap & free. Life is good & thanks to dear friend ( I hope your reading this, hehehe). So guys, you can visit this  restaurant and try all the recomended foods here, I think you are gonna like it, hehehe. So, thanks for keep reading my post and until I write again. Muahh

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Shoe no 18...Browny

Early this month, me & my friend went to shop together after Friday's prayer. I have no intention to buy anything but somehow we influenced by the offer made by one shoe outlet at KLCC and we cant resist the offer!, damn its tempting!, hehehe

So, after long deliberation ( long sangat lah) and fitting, we finally decided to buy it. For all you know, this outlet was recently opened at KLCC, so I think they are running on promotion to entice buyer to get know better of the brand, I guess. We bought 2 shoes for 1 price ( buy 1 get 1 free la basically), so we share half of the price lah, the shoe cost us about  RM740, so we paid each RM370 lah.  Honestly, I'm not that familiar with that brand before but since its Italian leather and I like brown, so I just took it, heheh. Its my very 1st collection from SACOOR Brothers.

However, the shoe is super comfy and I like so much!!, it worth every cent of my money, hehehe.But, I dont have picture of my friend's shoe here, or else I may show it to you. So, welcome to the family and I will take a good care of you, hehehe. Thanks for reading my post and until I write again. muahhh

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinner di Rasa Thai, Curve

Biasalah malam minggu, kalo tak melepak & makan dengan kawan2 memang tak sah lah kan, unless utk yang berfamily tue mungkin lah duduk kat umah tgk tv aje kot, heheh. So, few weeks ago, tak ingat exact date, dinner with my friend kat Curve, biasa lah gossip2 skit, heheh. Somehow, we landed at Rasa Thai, Curve

Time makan kat sini best sebab dia dekat ngan live band kat street The Curve, so mmg enjoy lah dinner time tue, biasa lah feeling2 kat Hard Rock cafe ke ape dah ,heheh. Kalo dalam restaurant pun best jugak tapi luar lagi best, fresh air..

Nampak sedikit luxury lah kot dalam restaurant nie tapi harga kat sini sangat reasonable price, plus food pn not bad. The waiters pun baik, cepat je bila panggil and speak mild Thai language. heheh

Actually, aku pn tak ingat sangat name food yg aku order, rasanye Daging Masak Kicap and Seafood Fried Rice kot, tapi drink tue Coconut Milk Shake rasanye, hehehe. Overall the food was good and acceptable. 

So, you may visit and try it for yourself ye, enjoy your weekend and selamat mengundi, hehehe. Until i write again. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sejenak di Restoren Mariners Cafe, Johor Bahru

Rasa macam dah lama sangat tak melawat town JB, sekarang town JB dah banyak berubah, banyak restoren yg best and sangat menarik konsep nye. It reminds me Arab street in Singapore, pretty much similar concept and ambience I would say, heheh. So, this time we dropped by at very nice restaurant which called Mariners Cafe.

Last time time aku nak singgah tempat nie tutup, tapi nasib baik time datang JB lagi this time restoren nie buka plak, heheh, yess. Kalo korang tengok tempat nie dari luar, nampak mcm ala2 kat beach kot, kata nye mariners cafe, of course untuk orang laut kot ye, hehehe. Tapi, bila masuk ye, you will be impressed how they done with this place, I like it!. Here some pictures inside the restaurant.

Very nice right, very relax and hommy, suit for family's dinner or weekend outing. Plus, its also perfect for blogger or someone to write their blog or write up here. Very cozy man,with dim light, I can guarantee that.

Tempat nie ade 2nd floor, yang kat atas tue untuk yang smooker sbb it got open air area, so for smokers out there, don't worry because they understand you, heheh, (*but smoking kills yo). 

But, most importantly the food was great!!, sedap food yg aku order sedap & taste sangat unik since they play with herbs!, very rare in Malays' food, hehehe. Aku tak sure name food yg aku order  tapi my trick is always choose foods with chef recommendation, or else you wont be much satisfied. hehehe

So, I would like to recommend my readers to go an try at this restaurant as I believe the food will not let you down, I hope so lah kan, hehehe. So, anyway thanks for keep reading my blog and I appreciate your continous support. Thanks yoll