Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lunch di Ben's KLCC

Hai All, I'm back in the blogging world since I got my new lappy yesterday!!, so from now on please bare with me because I will pile up my entry for you to read!!, heheheh. Since its has been a while that I dont write, so probably my writing skills is blunt a bit but I'll do my best to share my story yea.

Ok, as usual I would start my entry with places I went for eat la off course, but it was a stale story la kot but its ok, I still nak share jugak, heheheh. Since I've started my new job kat Tallest Tower kat KL nie, off course lah my playground for dine in is gonna be that surrounding area la kan, hehehe, So, at 1 time tue teringin la nak makan kat Ben's, KLCC with my officemate of course tp bos belanja, hehehe. So , the best way to show thing is by photo.

So, this place off course la nice since the price of food pun is rather nice!!, heheheh. Like always, I love cozy and peace ambience and the food pun nice, I tell u. hehehe. I rasa Ben's nie ade few branches around KL tp yg I know ade kat KLCC and Pavillion lah, tempat lain you guys kena search sendiri lah ye, hehhe.

Some food photos for you readers, tp ade lagi food lain yg my friend order tp I just share what I eat ajelah ye, hehehe

Sebab it was taken long time ago, I tak ingat sangat the name of the food tp rasanya Char Spilled Seafood Spagettini. And yg sebelah tue off course la Pavlova kan?..hehehe. I dont really remember the price as well since it was paid my my bos!!, hehehe

So,sampai di sini ajelah dulu my story ye, but I will share more stories from time to time, so dont worry cos I got a lot things to share with you, my readers. Somehow I felt happy since I got daily visitor eventhoughI did not update this blog for quite a long time, heheh. Ok guys, have a great week!!!


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hahah, so u dah baca blik my blog la ye, x pelah pas nie mesti ade new post at least seminggu sekali, heheh