Monday, March 11, 2013

Singgah di Restaurant Bandar DJakarta, Indonesia

Pertama kali kitaorg dengar bus driver bgtau nak makan kat di Jakarta, kitaorg tak setuju sebab "machet" nak pg town Jakarta and lepas tue nak travel ke Bandung, tapi rupa2 nye nama restaurant tue ialah Bandar DJakarta, di Marina Ancol, Jakarta. It was a seafood based restaurant and the food was great!, heheh

Kalo tengok macam restaurant cina yg besar if nak compare dengan KL lah tapi tak lah sangat cina sebenarnya, kira macam unviversal jugak lah, heheh. I think you guys will like this place since its pretty near to the sea, so you could feel the sea breeze, heheh and probably nice place to hang out during weekends or midnight, off course untuk warga Jakarta la kot, heheh. So, here are some pictures of the restaurant, see it for yourself.

The restaurant is quite big and got few corner or concept I guess, so don't worry of no seat yea, hehe

Now, we go to the most important part or highlight of the day, F.O.O.D.S!!, heheh. Since, its my 1st time in Jakarta city, so everything was fine for me, I don't mind to try anything, as long its halal food off course!, heheh. But guys I'm sorry because I don't really know the name of food or drink cos I did not pay attention while the rest made their ordered cause they  know better, we just followers, hehehe

All i know is the famous Teh Botol or Jasmin Tea which I hate, hahaha, so that's why I've ordered the Coconut instead, heheh. Tapi yg Special Udang Goreng Crispy tue memang sedap tau, dia ade kasi sauce sekali. Yang ade daun pisang tue actually is Otak-otak, kalo kat Malaysia, our otak-otak is rather reddish rite, but there was whiteish  but got a bit similar taste but not equal, heheh.  Then, it was appetizer.

Then, came the main course, heheh

Seriously, memang aku tak ingat ape name foods yang kitaorg order tapi sebab ade team mate yg orderkan, so kitaorg makan ajelah, hehe, tapi basically its all seafood lah kan. Kat sana sotong dipanggil Cumi yea, heheh

Concept restaurant nie macam seafood kat Malaysia lah, boleh pilih pelbagai jenis hasil laut untuk dimasak ikut citarasa customers  so kitaorg just pilih menu yang staff dia recommend and paling cepat, tapi still lambat jugak maybe sebab ramai kot, so redha la menunggu je, nasib baik sedap so ok lah, heheh

Aku nak recommend beriya pun sebab tempat nie kat Jakarta kan, tapi kalo ade antara korang yang ade kesempatan dapat pergi, maybe korang boleh try makan  kat tempat nie ye, heheh. So, overall ini lah penutup story aku melawat Indonesia, so far memang pengalaman yg manis lah sebab tak kuar cost kan, hehehe. Actually  its a nice country to visit because we don't have to worry so much about food selection since its halal everywhere ( kena tengok2 jugak ye, hehe), and  delicious foods I tell you. I think its all for now readers, until I visit some other countries then I will share all the best thing about it ok, until I write again, adios amigos.

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