Saturday, May 26, 2012

Suatu Petang di Cinnamon Box

It's also outdated pictures but I still want to share with you guys since the place is cool & relax. Actually I'm not 100% sure what we had ordered back then  but the taste is still lingering in my mind, hahahahah, over plak. Tempat nie kat KL, kat dalam Festival Mall KL, tapi kat area luar mall sikit lah. But seriously this place is cool,cozy and recomemeded. It's Cinnamon Box....

See it for yourself??. nice right?. I like the design and ambience, modern & classy, heheheh. In fact, time nie orang tak ramai, so rasa tenang & sunyi je, I like it so much. It got variety of cuisines that you can try out , yet tasteful.

Plus, for me the food was quite good & tasteful, worth my money off course, the price is reasonable and affordable for everbody. Aku memang suka makan kat tempat yang macam nie sebab aku boleh makan & rehat, baca buku + mood berangan,heheheh.

Cuba tengok makanan nie?..rasa lapar tak?.heehehe. Aku sebenarnya tak ingat sangat ape menu yang kitaorg order but aku punya Hawaiian Burger with Chips, the pineapple was so tender & juicy, trust me on this , no bluff one,hahahaha...

So, if anyone felt me , should try it for yourself, taste it to believe it. So, until now, see you for my other outdated post, adios peeps..

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