Sunday, May 27, 2012

Relax di Bisou...

I love cupcakes, who doesn't right?.hahahah, my favorite is Red Valvet..because it's red n scrumptious!!, over sikit..Actually ini 1st time gak aku try makan kat tempat nie sebab terlebih feeling time tue, berangan nanti kalo keje kat kat KLCC, boleh la lepak sana selalu,heheheh. The place was Bisou, at Suria KLCC..

Tempat nie just area TGV je, sementara tunggu movie, sempat dulu makan cupcakes. The cupcakes were tasteful & at reasonable price, you should try these cupcakes. I tried Red Valvet + off course Latte,heheheh.

I think nothing much to say, you got to try it for yourself, like I said taste it to believe it,hahahha. Until now, wait for my last outdated post ya, thanks people for keep reading..luv ya..

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bukankosong said...

dh penah try

gila sedap!!!