Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tahun 2012 & Azam....

Happy New Year 2012!!!!, aku tahu yang dah agak lambat baru nak update blog nie, tapi it's better late than never right,hehehhe. Actually a lot of things happened during this month but i just couldn't find time to update the blog & I'm really sorry ok,hehehhe. I wish all of you to have great time and prosperous year ahead, let's enjoy the year 2012 ok,heheheh.

So,aku rasa tahun baru nie mesti korang dah set new azam kan?, tapi kalo yang last year still tak dapat, its ok to carry foward to this year with more spirit & determination. So, this year I have few main goals that I wish to achieve by end of this year no matter what,heheh.I will make sure azam tahun nie akan dicapai especially the 1st one,hehehhe. Ade lagi azam2 lain tapi ini yang paling aku nak capai la together with the least important resolutions.

Hopefully i wil achive all those resolutions by this year end, heheh. I hope you guys gonna have targets for this year as well. For my 2nd aim,I've started reading more books this month, now I found myself so in love with Jeffrey Archer's writing,  bought 5 of his books in this month alone & I read 3 of them in less than 2 weeks time nad now I continue reading his books. I really think it's a good kickstart for me & I'm gonna add my collection from time to time. Actually I've always love reading but time costraint limit our interest,heheh this year I'm gonna put extra time to read more books. I love to share some of my book collections ( tak banyak sgt pn,heheh) with all of you, from my favorite authors.

Hmm, I hope all my targets this year will be achieved and I also hope all of you to have the same ya. So, let's welcome 2012 with open arm and most importanly to enjoy your new year with your loved one ok. Happy 2012!! 

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